Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt

Why do humans often take three steps back after taking two steps forward?

IFAW says, “Two years ago, the Government of Ontario announced it would re-launch the spring bear hunt as a pilot project. Now, they’re proposing to expand the spring bear hunt to all of Ontario, and open it to hunters from outside the province.” The article went on to explain that the government’s reason for the hunt is to decrease human-bear conflict. The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s annual report is said to be skeptical of this. We absolutely do not need a spring bear hunt. Why is killing always the answer for humans? We share this planet. It is not ours alone. IFAW says spring bear hunting does not reduce human-bear conflict. What it will do is leave more bear cubs orphaned. And it may also set back the positive steps Ontario municipalities have taken under the Bear Wise program.

As per IFAW’s request, I posted a comment on the Ontario Environmental Registry at http://bit.ly/1SjJMeV

Please take a moment to tell the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to not proceed with the spring bear hunt.

Here’s a petition you can sign as well.

Together, let’s protect our bears – now.


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