My name is Adele Reynolds and I thank you for visiting my blog site. My publishing career has been in the educational field. My educational background is in the environmental field. This site is another step for me to merge the two together. I believe in educating myself and then educating others in important world matters. Especially educating youth – the real key to our future. I have a passion for writing and a passion for compassion. I do not claim to be a perfect environmentalist. But like many of you, I love our unique planet and its wondrous species, understanding their intrinsic value to live unharmed by humans. Like you, I want to do more, so I started this blog to put my passion into action. We care about our planet. We care to give a voice to the voiceless. We care about ethics more than economics and politics. I will share some good news and some bad news. I will post petitions for you to sign and sites where you can donate. I will speak up for animals and the environment. My goal is to spread awareness to inspire more people to care and to take action. Our planet deserves our protection. Together, let’s protect our planet – now.

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